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"René's shots read as simple, honest, & real but contemporary. She captures talent at their core for a moment in time which tells us a lot about that individual."

Casting Director, Michael Sanford

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"Being a experienced working actress allows René to know exactly what is needed to shoot successful headshots for others. And learning she is a real life Mom, explains how she make kids feel comfortable to get the best photos. Creating a real and natural look is key and René nails it. 

Casting Director, Jeff Hardwick


"Like a lot of actors, I am not the biggest fan of taking new head shots. René changed that for me. She created a warm and professional environment, and I was at ease form the get-go.  I knew we were going to get some great shots, and René delivered.  So happy with the final product, as were all my reps.  Will definitely shoot with her again, as well as refer her to others."  Actor, David Goryl

"A great headshot is an actors business card. I've met many actors that have headhsots with no resemblance to themselves - René's subjects are 'who they are'."

Manager, Marv Dauer


"Okay, so this was such an amazing experience. I have had countless headshot shoots but this was by far the most successful. René knows what shots are going to be successful because she is an actress herself and knows the way to go! I highly recommend booking your next shoot with her! Such a fun, comfortable environment. Oh... And great music! Thanks René!" Actor, Matt K.


"I normally dread getting head shots  taken but with René it was fun, quick and I was amazed with all the great shots I had to choose from. I recommend her highly." Actor, John O'Brian

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IMG_6093_RETOUCHED  love this one-Recovered.jpg

"As everyone else says so positively, working with René to get the shots you want is so much fun! She has a great atmosphere where, after getting settled in, you can really breathe and just take some pictures. She's so awesome! She works with you to get the shots you've always wanted - that's no lie! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thanks René!"  Actor, Joey R.

"Had a wonderful shoot with René! I usually get a lot of anxiety around doing headshots as I'm not always sure what I want and what to wear to achieve a certain look. All of that was made so easy by René. She had a wonderful eye for capturing my essence and I'm over the moon with the results...I haven't been this excited about headshots in years :) The shoot was so much fun and I'd recommend René to anyone wanting to get new shots. Thanks René!"

Actor, Rajan Thangavelu


"René is AWESOME! My reps love what we got from her. My headshots from her POP! I highly recommend her! Rene has a great eye and she'll let you know if one little hair is out of place. I felt super comfortable with her, she's a lot of fun, she wants you to be satisfied, and I NEVER felt rushed. Many people have expensive cameras, but not everyone has the eye. René has "the eye". Actor, Spencer R.

"...It was quite honestly a really laid back environment. I got a bunch of great looks, and she was able to bring out many sides of me that translated onto the camera. If you're thinking, "wow that sounds like a pretty badass shoot," you're absolutely right. The rest is history....  ....since shooting, I've been called in to audition multiple times based off of the shots that we took---that she took. ¡Muchísimos Gracias, René!" Actor, Adam Fostor Ballard

"I had a wonderful time working with René on these new pics. I'm not a huge fan of headshot sessions, but she made it super fun. Our goal was to get some looks for very specific roles. We definitely met our goal since I've been getting called in left and right off these new pics. I even walked away with shots I didn't intend on getting in our session. Thanks René!"  Actor, Joe Pistone

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