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"I have shot literally dozens of headshots over the years. I never seem to get the shots I want and I definitely never seem to feel great taking them. René made me feel SO comfortable, like I was hanging out with my best friend!! And this is reflected in the shots! She also is an EXPERT in getting the looks right. Other photographers I've shot with have belittled the idea of getting specific look for submissions, but René not only knows how essential this is, she helps you NAIL the looks. She even loaned me some of her clothes and jewelry to get it right!! And although she took her time with each look to make sure it was right, she didn't overshoot, making it impossible to choose in the end. I highly recomment René--her prices are decent and she is a top notch professional!! You will be so happy with your shots!!!"


"I had the pleasure of shooting with René Ashton last week and I could not be happier with my pictures. René is amazing to work with. Takes her time to help you get the best you to come out for the session. She is quite a talent and am so happy I shot with her. I would shoot with her again for sure."



"So amazing to work with! Takes beautiful photos, is super cool, takes her time to make each shot perfect!"


"What a fun shoot! René sees things that I can't and is able to bring them out while shooting. I got some great character shots that were sadly missing in my portofolio. Can't wait for the next time I get to shoot with her. Book her now because she will be too busy to get you in!"



"I have had many headshots over the years and rarely enjoy it, even if I like the results, but with Ashton PhotographyI had so much fun! René is awesome and really understands how to get the real you...helping choose the right looks and wardrobe and keeping things light, upbeat and focusing on having a good time which pays off with shots that are great and representative of who each us are individually. I've never had so many people unanimously love my pictures!!! Thanks René"


"Whether you've had a ton of headshot sessions over the years like me, or you're a relative newbie, shooting with René is an amazing experience. She has such an eye for detail, for producing photos that exude who you are, that give you specificity in terms of looks/characters. She knows how uncomfortable it can be sometimes to have your photos taken and she really makes you feel free - the shoot was actually fun! I am so happy with my session. I have too many good shots to choose from - a beautiful problem. Thank you, René."


"René is simply fabulous! Having had my pictures done innumerable times in the past 20+ years, I cannot reccommend her highly enough! The key to great pictures is the photographers innate ability to capture the best of you in a fun, supportive enviroment. René does this, not only because she's an excellent photographer with a very discerning eye, but she's also an actress who understands what gets you seen. Hey - don't hesitate. Book her now for a wonderfully fun and entertaining experience that gets you the shots you deserve. Sinply put - extraordinary!"


"Shooting with René was the most fun I've had on a shoot ever. It's spontaneous and creative. Mostly because she is spontaneous and creative. She has the best eye for which looks, outfits, and characters would best fit each actors individuality. She doesn't give up until she gets 'the shot'; you know you're in great hands!"



"I had a wonderful time working with René on these new pics. I'm not a huge fan of headshot sessions, but she made it super fun. Our goal was to get some looks for very specific roles. We definitely met our goal since I've been getting called in left and right off these new pics. I even walked away with shots I didn't intend on getting in our session. Thanks René!"


"For as long as I can remember, I've found it difficult to "model" for headshots. René not only put on her director hat to help me capture different personas, her stylist hat to help me accessorize, but her impeccable eye for composition made the shots POP! all the while having fun! *gasp*  Yes, fun!!  If you've ever struggled with getting the right "look" or shot, set up a session with René.  She will make you comfortable, entertain you and help get you shots that not only capture the real "you" but also do what headshots are supposed to do -- get you called in."

"René is Amazing, and patient! Both my daughters woke up on the wrong side of the bed the morning of our pictures. While the youngest started cooperating my 4 year old was very cranky.  René still managed to capture some wonderful shots of all of us amidst the cranky children. I was pleasantly surprised on how many great pictures she actually got!!! Everything turned out amazing!!! Thanks so much!!!"


"René is nothing short of amazing!  She captured my essence immediately.  She is able to deliver the best head shots possible not only because she has the natural gift of being a great photographer but also due to the knowledge of her years in front of the camera.  My agent absolutely loved her work (she they are crazy picky).  You just won't get 'the one' picture you need, you'll get numerous great ones!  As actors we waste our time and money with the wrong photographers resulting in poor pictures that don't represent us or do us justice this certainly will NOT be the case if you shoot with René."


"Working with René at Ashton Photography was a pleasure. She understands what we as actors need in a headshot. I recommend her highly! She knows what she is doing. My agents are happy. I am happy!"



"Ashton Photography is a must for all actors. Taking headshots can be very stressful, but René takes the stressful part out. With all of her experience in the entertainment industry she is able to really capture the pictures you need to book jobs.  She has a great eye and her attention to detail lets you just relax and trust that she will get the right shots for you."


"Where to begin?  René has a great eye (stated for the record).
First and foremost, headshots aren't something that I would put on my top five list of things to do. After shooting with René it still hasn't made my top 5, but I'll tell ya this, it was a boat load of fun;)
Let me begin by saying that I hadn't had new headshots in quite some time (if it ain't broke don't fix it, was my thinking). I mean, I was getting called out, my existing photos looked good, but what I didn't realize was how I had been shooting myself in the foot by not adding some variety. So after being referred to her, I gave René a call. We met, put on some toons and played. It was quite honestly a really laid back environment. I got a bunch of great looks, and she was able to bring out many sides of me that translated onto the camera. 
If you're thinking, "wow that sounds like a pretty badass shoot," you're absolutely right. 
The rest is history....
.....since shooting, I've been called in to audition multiple times based off of the shots that we took---that she took.
¡Muchísimos Gracias, René!"


"Like a lot of actors, I am not the biggest fan of taking new head shots. René changed that for me. She created a warm and professional environment, and I was at ease form the get-go.  I knew we were going to get some great shots, and René delivered.  So happy with the final product, as were all my reps.  Will definitely shoot with her again, as well as refer her to others."


"I can't say enough amazing things about René! She's just an amazing person and a wonderful photographer. She spends a lot of time with the actor and really puts a personal touch on every picture. You leave knowing you have amazing pictures and that she is your best friend. She really works her hardest and it shows! She won't stop till you have everything you need. You won't be disappointed!"


"I normally dread getting head shots  taken but with René it was fun, quick and I was amazed with all the great shots I had to choose from. I recommend her highly."





"Had a wonderful shoot with René! I usually get a lot of anxiety around doing headshots as I'm not always sure what I want and what to wear to achieve a certain look. All of that was made so easy by René. She had a wonderful eye for capturing my essence and I'm over the moon with the results...I haven't been this excited about headshots in years :) The shoot was so much fun and I'd recommend René to anyone wanting to get new shots. Thanks René!"


"Fantastic experience! René photgraphed my 12 year old twins and made them feel so comfortable. The shots are amazing. So happy!"





"I can't say enough amazing things about working with René. She made the shoot fun and engaging for my 3 year old daughter. We got incredible results and my daughter still talks about it. She has a great eye and knows how to connect with kids in a playful way to capture their natural joy and beauty. Young or old, you will be thrilled with the results."


"René is simply the best. She makes the shoots fun and my daughter has received nothing but great reviews on her headshots from agents, managers and CDs. If you want your pics to look professional yet real, this is the only gal in town that can deliver!"




"Yesterday I had my first shoot with René, and it was fantastic.

Her experience is obvious and she really cares about every last detail, as well as the intentions behind them. Every shot that she got is great! I'm already looking forward to future shoots. 

If you are looking for great head shots, you found em."


"René was amazing to work with! We communicated about what my goals were and she helped me meet and even exceed every one of my goals and most importantly,  I'm getting more auditions!!!"




"Okay, so this was such an amazing experience. I have had countless headshot shoots but this was by far the most successful. René knows what shots are going to be successful because she is an actress herself and knows the way to go! I highly recommend booking your next shoot with her! Such a fun, comfortable environment. Oh... And great music! Thanks René!"


"René did an incredible job with my headshots. She was amazingly detail-oriented, and never missed a thing. She knows exactly the kind of shots that you need, and how to get them. She is incredibly focused and time-efficient! Also, she is delightful to work with! I highly recommend her!"


"René is AWESOME! My reps love what we got from her. My headshots from her POP! I highly recommend her! René has a great eye and she'll let you know if one little hair is out of place. I felt super comfortable with her, she's a lot of fun, she wants you to be satisfied, and I NEVER felt rushed."


"I absolutely loved René!!! She takes time for each photo/look. I definitely recommend her. I've gone thru a few photographers but no one who cares for their work like she does. Thank you again!"





"René definitely knows what she's doing. She helped with different character variations and I had so many incredible diverse shots to pick from. Definitely the best headshot session I've had."




"My headshots are soooo good. The best I've ever had. My manager loves them and is putting Rene on her must go-to list for her other clients. Rene KNOWS how to make you LOOK like a character. She's affordable and great to work with."

"Renè was AMAZING.. this was my first time shooting headshots and she made things so fun and relaxing! The pictures turned out STUNNING; I would highly recommend Ashton Photography to anyone looking for professional headshots or photos. Seriously amazing experience."

"I had a photo session with Rene on 9/26/16 and she did a great job in shooting my new headshots. Rene has been very helpful in working with me selecting the images to use for submitting to talent agency's, posting pictures on acting web sites. I highly recommend contacting Rene at Ashton Photography."

"René is the only person on the planet who can get my wonderfully willful toddler to pose like she was born to romance a camera with her giant doe eyes. Not only that, Rene has a real way of turning the photo shoot into playful fun so that she captures my girl completely, from thoughtful glances to full blown belly-laugh smiles. I treasure the photos she has taken and consider her a wizardess behind the lens. I can't recommend her enough."

"Professional, fast, easy, photographs. René knows what works in the industry! Thank you."

"I went to see Ms. Ashton to take some long awaited headshot for me. She was so great and helped me pick out wardrobe and made me feel so at ease. Also she works with a fabulous make up artist.
Rene captured so many looks for me that now that i have a photo gallery it will be VERY hard to chose just one for reproduction.
I highly recommend any actor to see her. Whether a new actor or a more seasoned actor looking for an updated look, you cannot go wrong here. If i could give her SIX stars i would!!

"Ashton Photography is a great place to get those great headshots! René is awesome!  She is a very nice person; has a lot of knowledge AND patience! I find that she is aces at making one comfortable; and making sure that you get shots that are spot on your brand!  She has a place for you to put your 500 outfits, lol, and will kindly help you put together what's right for you. René takes her time with you.  You won't have the pressure of feeling rushed.  (Which would show up in your shot.)  She even touches up those annoying little things you may have about yourself.  The prices are affordable, the location is very convenient, her turnaround time is super and she even takes care of linking you up.  What more can you ask for?"

"My headshots are soooo good. The best I've ever had. My manager loves them and is putting René on her must go-to list for her other clients. René KNOWS how to make you LOOK like a character. She's affordable and great to work with."

"I found René Ashton through a flyer at CAZT, spoke with her on the phone, and decided to shoot a number of looks at her reasonable rate. She is warm, personable and professional, and I am a huge fan of René's work. I look forward to shooting again with her when I update my headshots next year, and highly recommend her." 

"THIS WOMAN!!!!!!! René is sooooo much fun!!!! She made the shoot so easy!! I wanted to hang out with her the rest of the day!!!! She really knows what she is doing, her insight is priceless!! I highly recommend Rene!!! Thank You René!!!!!"


"René is a spark! The live-wire, the sunshine, the indefatigable polymath with an insiders view of what is needed to work in the commercial side of the acting business. I came to René, quite lost as to how to present myself for that world and how to fit in.
Not only did she immediately 'get me' and advise me in ways to market myself, but, she was able to advise me on wardrobe and resume and the type of head-shots that would be useful to me.

Not yet understanding what looks were best for me commercially, René actually took clothes out of her own wardrobe for me to wear during my shoot. In one day, in those few hours of our shoot, I learned more about what I needed to change for the business, than I had in years.
The shoot itself was light, fun, non-judgmental (I've shot with a 'highly recommended" photographer that left me in tears), and, i want to say buoyant. René is buoyant! 
And I now have 10 really great, really different, really commercial shots that look fantastic!
I will definitely return when I need new pics and just to soak in some of René's positive energy."

"René is such an amazing photographer. She made our session so fun and easy, which helped me get great shots. Since I'm not too familiar with taking headshots, I was very thankful for her help with giving me directions on what to do and how to pose. If you are looking for a professional and personable photographer who will help you get the best shots you can get, René is the person for you!"

"René took head shots for my son and I and made it fun and relaxing. The best part is the photos she took are great and there were plenty to choose from. René is very talented and highly recommend her."

"So happy with my photos!!! I've taken so many headshots in my life and I can say she's one of the best! Rene was so amazing and worked with me to get the shots that my reps wanted. She really personalizes her work to each client and makes sure every little thing is right. Headshots are often hard for me, but I had a great time!! Highly recommend!!!"

"I've never felt more comfortable in front of the camera than when I was working with René--and her shots prove it! I got so many quality photos of such variety and have gotten wonderful feedback about how dynamic the photos are and how reflective they are of my personality and energy. I've worked with many photographers and on many sets and have left feeling exhausted by the end of the shoot, but I left René feeling happy, excited, and energized. She is extremely collaborative, creative, and open, and in addition to professional headshots, I got some great pics for social media/my website as well. Highly recommend this gem!"

I've had multiple head shots sessions in Chicago and Los Angeles. This is the third round of shots in Los Angeles. I feel like these are by far my best pictures to date and the first pictures in a longétime where I felt extremely confident they were going to lead to work.
Here why you should shoot with René: Consultation - Before I came in the door, I emailed Rene my background materials and we discussed specific wardrobe choices for the characters I can play.
Hour vs. Looks - She charges by the hour instead of by the look. The benefit is that you get more looks for your dollar. And you may find out in shooting that a look doesn't quite work and another does, so there's some peace of mind that you have more options.
Efficiency - As soon as René captures a look, she's ready to move on to the next look. She doesn't waste time.
Atmosphere - About as relaxed as I've been on a photo shoot. René pumps the Pandora to put you at ease. 
Expertise - From past shoots, I did a lot of head tilts and turns, but for the characters I want to play now, she coached me to do less tilts and it shows up in my pictures - I look more confident and less passive.
Investment - I felt like René really invested the time to figure out who I was an actor and, more importantly, as a person. 
Play - René will make adjustments mid shoot. She's willing to play and explore a character look, especially if she feels like it will lead to work.
Bonus tips - Because René asked about where I was in my career, she provided several tips, tricks, and suggestions to help me navigate and figure out where I'm going from here.
Flexibility - Because of a wardrobe delivery snafu, I had to do two shoots two weeks apart. René accommodated my situation without blinking an eye.
I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot and, more importantly, new headshots! Thanks, René! 

"I shot with Rene two days ago, and I just got the link to my proofs. There are so many fantastic shots - I have no idea how I'll choose! 
My reps are very discerning, and they haven't loved any of my prior headshots.  They reviewed these proofs and emailed me: "Really great session with a TON to choose from."  Score!!! 
The colors really pop and Rene truly delivered on my request for a mix of 3/4 shots and closer, true headshots.  I am so excited to decide which new pictures I'm going to attach to my profiles. Thank you, Rene!" 

"Rene is great! She knows to how to make kids laugh and get a natural smile out of them. All 3 of my children loved working with her, and with kids, that's sometimes half the battle. Plus, she's great at what she does! Her photographs are fabulous. Thanks Rene!" 

"Had such a great time with the shoot with Rene! She is so good at what she does and can immediately go through your wardrobe and pick out an eclectic range of looks for you. She's quick and thorough and really cares! There was a client after me, who didn't have enough clothing, so she wanted him to go out and get more options so that he could have better results, most places would've just taken photos with the clothes that you bring, no matter how they end up looking, so I really admire that about her. As an actor herself, she knows how important these are and really wants them to stand out, so she really cares!"

"I hate having my pictures taken. That's what I told Rene when I walked in the door. Within 5 mins ( maybe less) she had me laughing and eating out of the palm of her hands. So relaxed was I, we captured the most amazing moments. My Reps (who are not easy to please) are still trying to pic their favs.  There are so many. Thank you Rene for a most amazing experience."

"I booked René Ashton because I liked her photos on Yelp, she was relatively close in distance, and she offered an unlimited looks package.  My new agent wanted multiple specific looks : military, inmate,, I'm not gonna lie, just kinda searched around for someone decent and affordable to capture so many niche types.
HOWEVER, I cannot believe how far she exceeded my expectations! One of the best headshot experiences during and with the best result! I will let the photos speak for themselves! And my agent loved them all! These have absolutely no retouching, effects, or filters! Raw shots!
She made sure each look and frame was perfect! I had NO bad/unusable shots. She helped make sure each detail was right for each look, and each hair in place. (In my case, literally.)  
She is kind and was so accommodating to my schedule - even after a  I had a two week flu and broken tooth-  made us reschedule a few times! But she was always so polite and easy going.
I felt the same at the shoot! So relaxed. I tend to be an anxious control-freak. She made it easy, fun, and welcoming.
Cannot recommend her enough! Book her!"

"It was serendipity when a friend introduced me to René Ashton after I told him I needed new pictures.
I’ve had headshots taken for well over 50 years and these are by far the best, bar none.  I’ve been trying to figure out why they are so exceptional and I think because they jump off the page!  I’m a woman of a certain age, René used natural lighting, and the results speak for themselves. She made it fun and I couldn’t be happier! So, next time you need a headshot that gets you work, go see René - she’s got that magic touch."


"René's photographs are some of the best I have seen. I like that everyone looks like themselves. Nothing a casting director hates more is to bring in an actor based on their headshot and when they walk in, they look like a different person."

Casting Director, Shana Landsbusrg


"René can do anything including taking headshots that jump off the page."

Casting Director, Tim Payne


"It's important that a headshot is a true representative of the artist. René's work has proven to capture the personality of the artist while remaining natural. I know what I'm gonna get when the actor walks through the door - they will look like their picture."

Casting Director, Christy Faison


"A great headshot is an actors business card. I've met many actors that have headhsots with no resemblance to themselves - René's subjects are 'who they are'."

Manager, Marv Dauer


"René's shots read as simple, honest, & real but contemporary. She captures talent at their core for a moment in time which tells us a lot about that individual."

Casting Director, Michael Sanford


"The whole point of shooting head shots, is to give your reps the tools to get you in the door, and that is exactly what René’s photo’s do. She has a gift of making clients feel so comfortable, bringing out each persons true essence, and honing in on the specific looks we need to sell them to casting.  Someone once said “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”, and truer words were never spoken. Her shots have  increased my ability to get my clients into casting offices, which has increased the number of auditions, and lead to more bookings. Cannot say enough great things about this photographer, but if you want to work, shoot with René.

Talent Manager, Tarri Markel


"Being a experienced working actress allows René to know exactly what is needed to shoot successful headshots for others. And learning she is a real life Mom, explains how she make kids feel comfortable to get the best photos. Creating a real and natural look is key and René nails it."

Casting Director, Jeff Hardwick

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