"Always be a

first-rate version

of yourself,

instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."   

Judy Garland



"René's photographs are some of the best I have seen. I like that everyone looks like themselves. Nothing a casting director hates more is to bring in an actor based on their

headshot and when they walk in, they look like a different person."

Talent Manager, Shana Landsbusrg

"It's important that a headshot is a true representative of the artist. René's work has proven to capture the personality of the artist while remaining natural. I know what I'm gonna get when the actor walks through the door - they will look like their picture." Casting Director, Christy Faison


"I have shot literally dozens of headshots over the years. I never seem to get the shots I want and I definitely never seem to feel great taking them. René made me feel SO comfortable, like I was hanging out with my best friend!! And this is reflected in the shots! She also is an EXPERT in getting the looks right. Other photographers I've shot with have belittled the idea of getting specific look for submissions, but René not only knows how essential this is, she helps you NAIL the looks. She even loaned me some of her clothes and jewelry to get it right!! And although she took her time with each look to make sure it was right, she didn't overshoot, making it impossible to choose in the end. I highly recomment René--her prices are decent and she is a top notch professional!! You will be so happy with your shots!!!"  Actress, S. Victor


"René is nothing short of amazing!  She captured my essence immediately.  She is able to deliver the best head shots possible not only because she has the natural gift of being a great photographer but also due to the knowledge of her years in front of the camera.  My agent absolutely loved her work (she they are crazy picky).  You just won't get 'the one' picture you need, you'll get numerous great ones!  As actors we waste our time and money with the wrong photographers resulting in poor pictures that don't represent us or do us justice this certainly will NOT be the case if you shoot with René." Actress, Via S.

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"I've been an actor for quite a while... and have had many-a headshot session in my life...  And I can say hands down that René Ashton is the BEST headshot photographer I have EVER worked with.  So grateful to get to work with her." Actress, Karen Strassman


"What a fun shoot! René sees things that I can't and is able to bring them out while shooting. I got some great character shots that were sadly missing in my portofolio. Can't wait for the next time I get to shoot with her. Book her now because she will be too busy to get you in!" Actress, Dee Baldus

"Shooting with René was the most fun I've had on a shoot ever. It's spontaneous and creative. Mostly because she is spontaneous and creative. She has the best eye for which looks, outfits, and characters would best fit each actors individuality. She doesn't give up until she gets 'the shot'; you know you're in great hands!" Actress, Dru Mouser

"Ashton Photography is a must for all actors. Taking headshots can be very stressful, but René takes the stressful part out. With all of her experience in the entertainment industry she is able to really capture the pictures you need to book jobs.  She has a great eye and her attention to detail lets you just relax and trust that she will get the right shots for you."  Actress, Stefanie S.

"Not only do I absoutely love my new headshots, but I finally have the perfect choice of pictures to submit for every role I fit. René helped figure ut which looks I needed and it has made all the difference -- I'm going out on more auditions than ever!"  Actress, Annie N.


"My agents were thrilled with my new shots from Ashton Photography!  I felt super comfortable working with the photographer and I'm stoked with my new shots!  I highly recommend her." Actress, Jules B.